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Roses are one of the most common gifts given on valentine's day but they can also be given at any time of the year. But there are various colours of roses and these indicate different meanings according to the  colour. One should be careful as to the colour of the rose that is being given. This is a very helpful guide if you are planning to give roses.


Red Roses

This very common colour of roses ultimately express  romantic love. this also symbolise  passion that is very endearing.If you are having a hard time expressing your love or professing your feelings for the person that you love, red roses are the perfect wait for you to do that. the only downside is that a red rose is often expensive especially on special months like february.


Carnation Pink Roses

This kind of color of roses show grace, feminine power And gentleness. this also imply innocent and pure love but if you are planning to give roses for good luck, this kind of colour is a very good choice as well if you want to show your admiration this is also a good colour.


White Roses

 For  truth and innocence, The white roses are a perfect catch. if you want to tell your special someone that you miss them this kind of colour is the most appropriate. this is also a common choice for wedding bouquets.


Purple Roses

This type of colour, sends a message of love at first sight for the person receiving the roses. The purple roses also indicate that the sender is enchanted by the receiver. 


Peach roses

If you want to express your appreciation or if you simply want to show your gratitude then this type are very scholar is a perfect option. This also is used to  imply sympathy.


Yellow Roses

This type of colour conveys friendship. This colour would not be appropriate if you want to show romantic feelings or if you want to convey a desire for a long lasting relationship. this is also a very common colour used to congratulate People from weddings, graduation and new parents.


Coral Roses

If you want to express desire or a deep want for a person then this is a very strong indication among all the other Rose colour meanings.


Black Roses

This expresses grief or a feeling that is very heavy. this is also used if you want to end a relationship but you don't have the guts to say it in words.